Mary Katherine Nagle Playwright/Attorney

“Kathleen is an incredible healer whose gifts come from the heart. Since meeting her, I have been able to look at and heal some of the deepest and darkest wounds of my past. She has the unique ability to empower her clients to heal themselves. I can’t imagine my life without her. I know I would not be where I am now if our paths had not crossed.”

Kimberly Norris Guerrero,
Actor/Writer Los Angeles

“These days, when our time and resources are so precious and we’re all trying to be as efficient as possible-time with Kathleen is perfection! It’s like a 5 star spa treatment, a therapy session,quality girlfriend time, and a significantly rejuvenating spiritual retreat, all rolled up into one delightful experience! Make an appointment and you’ll see. Making Kathleen a part of your weekly or monthly ritual will prove to be the gift that keeps on giving!”

Gail Bruce, Artist NYC

“Kathleen Grace has a talent and touch beyond compare. She heals and helps to create an aura of peace and wellness.”

Jessica Arinella, Actor NYC

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kathleen! When I first met her, I had terrible bags under my eyes that I was considering surgery to correct. Within 2 sessions with Kathleen, they were completely gone! Kathleen has become my secret weapon for all my on camera work. She has certainly made me look and feel my best, but more than anything a facial with her is a grace-filled and healing experience. I treasure my time with her. Run people-do not walk!”

Adriana, Artist NYC

“From the moment  I met her, and was led into a tranquil room…I felt safe. My skin care was impeccable, but I found the most important part of the treatment was the soul work with her healing hands, I felt deep relief and release. Thank you, Kathleen!”

FDNY Engine 7 Ladder 1

“Kathleen has been an incredible gift to our “house” since meeting her shortly after 9/11. With her generous nature and healing spirit, we are blessed and grateful for the time and love she has devoted to all of us. She is family–we love her!”

Tanis Parenteau,
Actress / Filmmaker

Kathleen’s work is unique. I always come away from my sessions with her feeling clear, focused and connected. Both my skin and my spirit glow from her incredible touch.  Her work is calming, healing, and rejuvenating. She’s one of those people I couldn’t not have in my life. I wish I could work with her every day!

Todd Carter,
Todd Carter and The Looking

Ever since I went to my first appointment with Kathleen, I have been wonderfully
impressed by her intuitive understanding of what is happening with me in my life.
Her sight is clear and her touch is impeccable.  I am grateful to call her a friend and to be able
to call on her for support.  Such gentleness and power simultaneously!