About Kathleen

Kathleen Grace is a licensed holistic aesthetician in New York and California. She is the founder and creator of Internabeauty LLC. and travels worldwide teaching, healing, lecturing, and consulting spas and medical wellness centers.

She is of Native American ancestry from the tribal band of Costanoan/Ohlone Indians. Kathleen is energetically masterful at creating healing as she journeys through the third dimensional human world to the mystical Spirit world in order to dissolve limitations and trauma caused from ancestral lineage and soul wounds.

Although gifted from birth with clairvoyance and clairsentience knowing, she has endured several near death experiences throughout her life that have deepened her connection to the outer realms. As a channel and healer in the Native American tradition, her innate abilities are used to ignite the health and healing of the internal body as it relates to the skin. Through ancient cosmology, her sessions become powerful rituals and initiations in conscious awakening. Kathleen believes that all healing is possible through Spirit and through love. Being clairvoyant, clairsentience and sensitive to interpret the subtle bodies, she guides an inner journey to unearth beauty as she invokes your own spirit to connect to Noson the life force God energy within to create healing.

Born in California, Kathleen now resides in New York. She is presently launching her all botanical, anti-aging, skin care line, Internabeauty, which offers natural means through products derived from ingredients used by the Native American peoples and specifically plants and flowers native to California.

She is a noted expert and sought after aesthetician to some of the world’s most high profile people and Hollywood’s biggest celebrities to grace the big screen.